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The best way to get a good sense of what a fair price for a home (be it a rental or puchase) is to view lots of properties from lots of different agents. This site aggregates the listings of all the major real-estate agencies and individuals who offer real-estate for sale or rent in Puerto Plata. Contact owners, agents and real-estate companies directly right away, after you think they are offering something at a reasonable rate!

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Most of the individuals and agencies that list their homes and apartments on this website have someone that can show you properties and explain things in fluent English. Many, if not most, are native English speakers, or are from Germany or some other European country and can speak fluent English. Many representatives also speak German, French, Italian or other languages as well. When future tenants, tourists, long-term expats or tourists look for a rental or sale property: they want to view options from a large selection of sellers/landlords. Nobody wants to see only what's on offer from one entity.
Flexible Short and Long-term Rentals!

If you're keen to find an estate agent to help you let a flat in Puerto Plata, it would behoove you to consider various agents before you rent or buy an apartment/home. Due to the fact that many renters in Puerto Plata are tourists, or long-term vacationers, landlords tend to offer flexible contracts and leases. Is it expensive to rent an apartment in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic? In a word: no. There are many cheap, inexpensive apartments and houses for rent in Puerto Plata. Many of the condominiums and villas here also come with a swimming pool and are in gated communities.

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Land for Sale in Puerto Plata!

Many are planning to build their own custom dream or retirement home in Puerto Plata. If you plan to create your dwelling on your terms from scratch, you're going to need to find some land to build it on. Many real-estate companies and developers will list their land for sale here as well as early stage construction projects. In early stage projects, you will find it easier to get financing for your home in Puerto Plata. Is land in Puerto Plata cheap? Yes, land in Puerto Plata is cheap. And the same goes for the Dominican Republic in general. Find your ideal plot or parcel of land and get started!